10 Types of Dogs Most Intelligent

If there is a question about how smart dogs, not too much if you have a dog who is the smartest. But what kind of the most intelligent dog in the world?

Here, below are 10 of the most intelligent dog breed and its characteristics.

Australian Cattle

Australia’s breed the kind of dog that is very active. The nature of Australian Cattle dog is good at deciding what to do without waiting for the command from the master. Intelligent, and able to keep the area well, including protecting the animals and the people in it.


Dogs were once famous as a guard dog at the Roman castle entrance at number 9 as the most intelligent dog. Reputation dog of Rottweil, Germany, is very bad. Because of the reputation of the Rottweiler and intelligence are the best guard dogs.
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Samsung GALAXY Note II Officially Launched at IFA 2012

The uniqueness of the Samsung GALAXY Note is the pen stylus reminiscent of touchscreen smartphones a few years ago. Although it could confuse consumers with the concept of a rather responsible, apparently Samsung GALAXY Note is selling well. Apparently quite a lot of consumers who are lazy to bring smartphones and tablets as well, so the size of the screen bear GALAXY Note to be one factor.

After circulating for almost a year, GALAXY Note will now be replaced with the GALAXY Note II (N7100). Physically, the screen is a little bigger with the size of 5.5 inches (Note screen measuring 5.3 inches), but with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels or slightly below Note that the screen resolution is 1280 × 800 pixels (276ppi vs 285ppi). Specifications screen itself is also identical to the first version of the Note, which is the Super AMOLED HD panel. For the body, GALAXY Note II appear slightly thinner with a thickness of 9.4 mm (Note 9.65 mm) and weighs 180 grams. The design is also seen taking reference of the Samsung GALAXY SIII. Given a choice of colors is also quite similar, namely Marble White and Titanium Gray. Samsung apparently still choose to maintain design with a removable battery cover, not a unibody design like some other vendors. Just like in the GALAXY SIII, GALAXY Note II N7100 also supports microSD up to 32GB size.
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Mother tongue, English Children

‘ve Heard complaints that the parents could not understand what dimau baby? It feels often yes. But usually it only happens in the first months of life the baby in the world.

Mother and son have a very close relationship ever since mom and dad seeds and grow together in the womb. This relationship is so tight and close. Imagine, more children were nine months in the womb. When the relationship is fostered by good and loving, mother generally will not have difficulty in interacting with the baby later. Have established a common language and that language is understandable although not in the form of words.

Language is only one baby … cried. When hungry he cries, he cries when hungry, sick when he was crying. Then how can we know what she wants? Here there is no more able to capture the willingness of the child unless the mother. What about Dad? He could understand her willingness when a close relationship and have lovingly intertwined. And even this fabric can actually be made since the baby still in the womb.
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The Eternal Character

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto. We all know him as the fifth most popular Disney characters or sometimes called ‘Disney Fab Five’. Over the years watching the series and reading the comic, we had enough to know the ins and outs of each character. But here are some facts about the Disney Fab Five little-known public:

Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse is the first name Mortimer Mouse. But Lillian, Walt Disney’s wife, did not like the name so asked Walt Disney to turn it into Mickey Mouse. In 1928, Mickey Mouse finally name used today.

Mortimer name was ultimately discarded, but used for the character Uncle Minnie Mouse. After some time, the name used as a character Mortimer Mouse to grab the attention of rival Mickey Minnie.

Minnie Mouse
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Do It To Car Salon

If you plan to resell your car, make sure your car stays clean and in good condition. Keeping your car to keep them clean and in top condition will increase the sale value of the car.

To make your job effectively, you might want to use products designed specifically for your car wash. Type of soap is usually controlled and contain gloss enhancers and some have a waxy substance that dissolves in water. For that, please your car accessories specialist with a specialist to find the right products for your vehicle.

To wash your car: Start with a large clean plastic bucket, fill with cold or warm water and add a little car wash soap. Do not use hot water – it will soften the wax (like how the candle flame to soften wax), which can cause your car body paint damaged. And please remember that when adding soap to the water. The best thing is to use liquid soap instead of a powder car. The powder can not dissolve all the way and small particles can enter your sponge and scratch the paint.
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5 Steps to Eliminate Odour of Tuberose Room

Some people find it difficult to remove the odor from the bathroom. There are probably already using air fresheners and aromatherapy candles put every other day in order to keep it fresh bathroom. However, bad smell still bothering due to the gathering of germs and bacteria. To ward off the pungent odor of the bathroom, there are several steps that you should do regularly, quoted Boldsky.

1. Clean Trash
Do you put a small trash can in the bathroom to dispose of the empty shampoo bottles or other items that are not used? If so, dispose of trash every other day. Trash anything always gives a bad smell because it must be regularly cleaned.

2. Bathroom Window Open When Not Used
When you are not using the bathroom, you should open the windows or ventilation to eliminate bad odor. Actually, musty smell in the bathroom due to the lack of exchange of air from the outside and the inside. Therefore, let the fresh air into the bathroom so the smell still fresh.
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Samsung Ativ S: GALAXY SIII taste of Windows Phone

Smartphones based on Windows operating system is not the old stuff to Samsung, it is no wonder they became the first to announce smart phone Windows Phone 8 to the public. Still following the Ativ series, Samsung’s latest Windows smartphone called Ativ S and designed to the specifications is enough to make us dazzled.

First, the Windows Phone 8 features a Super AMOLED screen measuring 4.8 inches – the same as GALAXY SIII – HD 720p resolution and a layer of Gorilla Glass. Despite the large size, but Ativ S has a thickness of only 8.7 mm only with the material body of brushed aluminum that looks pretty. As with their Android smartphone, Samsung includes a physical button in the center, just below the screen

For business performance, Samsung includes a dual core processor speed of 1.5 GHz and 1 GB RAM. It is not yet clear if this processor using Samsung’s own Exynos chip or not. Complementing these premium specification, there is an 8MP camera with a resolution on the back, while the front of the Samsung includes a 1.9 MP camera. Continue reading “Samsung Ativ S: GALAXY SIII taste of Windows Phone”

Why are night terrors can happen?

Many factors are thought to contribute to the occurrence of night terrors. Fatigue, frustration and psychological stress is another area that could otherwise be a factor originators. Therefore, do not try to prevent the child is too tired or experiencing excessive stress. Remember, your child can also be stressful.

So, what to do then?

Before answering this question, it might be worthwhile for a little calm your feelings. Keep in mind, though it seems daunting, this situation was not dangerous. However, if this happens too often, it is better if you take the time to consult with a doctor. One more thing, night terrors typically occurs in children aged between 3 and 5 years. After the toddler period, night terrors have generally subsided. It is associated with brain development and maturity of the child sleep patterns. Continue reading “Why are night terrors can happen?”

Post-Flood Clean House Tricks

Is your home including the flooded? Of course, after the flood subsides, you have to give more time to clean the house. Cleaning the house after the flood can not be underestimated. The longer you let the damage, the greater the loss. With the right ways and tricks in cleaning the house, you can minimize losses due to flooding while maintaining the health of the entire family.

1. Turn off the power
Do not forget to turn off power in the area you want cleaned. Electricity is still burning could endanger you if it turns out there was water.

2. Categorize the areas that need improvement
Before starting your work, you should first categorize the items in your home.

– Furniture: note how the sofa and bed. Is entirely submerged and wet? If so, you should not have to think long to throw. Although it had been dried in the sun and dry, mold and germs that stick does not automatically disappear.

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Tips Buy and Select DSLR Cameras for Beginners

Choosing and buying a DSLR camera (Digital Single Lens Reflect) is filled with judgment and calculation, especially for beginners who have a limited budget. For your deep pockets, it’s easy just choose a high-priced or high class. Because in the world of photography, the price usually describes the product, if expensive, which means the product is good. But if high prices have according to you need? There are several things to consider in selecting and buying a DSLR camera.

Camera Buying Needs
There are many choices on the market with a wide range of variants of prices and features. Before you decide, think about your goal to buy a DSLR camera, what features are important to you. Whether you want the simplicity of a digital SLR camera or are you the type of photographer who want to explore all the advantages offered by an SLR camera.

Note the size of the CCD or CMOS sensors are used to capture the image. Although many variations in size, but generally fall into three categories, namely FullFrame, APS-C and Four-Thirds. For some people, the size of the sensor (megapixel) is not very important, more important is into which category these sensors.
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