Useful Tips for Prolonging the Lifespan of a Car

A car does not last a lifetime. Exactly how long it lasts depends on you, as well,. That is the truth. You will prolong its lifespan considerably if you know how to take care of it. Your car will break down and need repairs far more often than others if you don’t. These tips are simple to follow and can produce significant beneficial results for your vehicle. That is the good news.

1. Avoid frequent short trips

This tip mainly refers to commute to and from work. You should look for alternate transportation methods such as a bus or biking if your workplace is relatively nearby. When you take short trips, the oil in your car doesn’t have the time to heat up properly so it will eventually start gumming up like tar. You need to be much more thorough with your oil changes if you do take frequent short trips.

2. Get a little warm-up

Current advice is to avoid warm-ups for your car because they are unnecessary and waste fuel. Before getting a move on, this mainly refers to idling for no reason. A short warm-up can be beneficial as it gets the fluids going. Doesn’t have to be long – as long as it takes for you to do your routine (mirrors, seatbelt, CD player etc) should be sufficient.

3. Go slow the first few miles

This is also to allow the fluids in your car to heat up. For the first few miles, just keep the revs and the speed to a minimum, especially in cold temperatures.

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Similar discoveries Planet Earth

A number of astronomers from the University of Hertfordshire, led by Mikko Tuomy managed to find a planet that may have Earth-like conditions, which also means there may be life on the planet (exoplanet).

The findings were obtained after Mikko and the members of the research team conducted more than 6,000 times the observations towards the star Tau Ceti. By using the analysis method called the Bayesian Analysis Methods, they came to the conclusion that the star Tau Ceti has 5 planets orbiting around the star at a distance closer than the distance of the Sun to the orbit of Mars.

Selection of Tau Ceti star as the team’s observations focus of the project Ozma started in 1960 that aims to seek the possibility of life beyond Earth. Tau Ceti star when it was chosen because it has the power beam that is similar to the power of the sun rays.

Star Tau Ceti is the nearest star to the Sun diurutan twentieth, a distance of approximately 11.9 light years from the Sun. Tau Ceti star belonging to the class of G, with a mass of 0.78 solar masses, and approximately half the luminosity of the Sun. The estimated age of a billion years older than the Sun. And the condition is very stable, more stable than the Sun.

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